A long overdue catch up!


I can't believe it has been about 6 months since I last put a blog post up!

I have been so busy with work / studying / life and the time just ran away with me, so I think a bit of a catch up is long overdue.

Lately I have been:

  • Reading Cherry Healey's new book - Letters to my fanny. As always I'm not very good at reading, I don't allocate myself enough time for this!

  • Wearing Jeans and jumpers because its raining and then boiling in 20 odd degree heat. Dam you UK weather.

  • Visiting places around the countryside, William and I went to a Lavender Farm recently and it smelt SO good.

  • Celebrating William's 30'th birthday. Yummy food, friends and Wine. Awesome!

  • Attending weddings, I love everyone is getting married!

  • Discovering Amsterdam with my little sister. A long weekend away, with amazing food, crazy new experiences and time with Romy. I had such a good time! I'm looking forward to going away with her again some day soon.

  • Planning William and my upcoming trip to the Maldives this September. I am literally beyond excited! We haven't been away together since we visited Iceland last year. This holiday will be completely different to the last, but Im so excited to do nothing for 10 days, eating lots of yummy food, drink cocktails, reading, snorkelling and (fingers crossed) getting a tan in the process. I've always wanted to visit the Maldives, but really never thought it was something I would get to do for a long time. I might even finish a book, or two!

  • Planning my rhinoplasty. This is MASSIVE for me. I have wanted this for SO long, but never had the courage to do it. I have now planned a few potential dates in January, booked some consultations and followed ALL of the Rhino accounts on Instagram. I'm so ready and excited for this!

  • Still studying - I have managed to pass my 1st exam! I have 4 more to go, and I am currently in the process of studying for exam 2. I really hope to have this booked before I go away in September, fingers crossed!

  • Organising my free time better. I let my blog down a bit lately, so I plan on allocating a set amount of time each day to studying, fitness, blogging and reading (and Netflix obvs) hopefully this will work out!
Pearl :) X

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