La Semaine 10


So its 1 week later than I planned! But it's been a pretty good two weeks since my last catch up! This is what I have been up to;

  • Admiring the completely awesome sunrises, and clouds in the beautiful sky around Wiltshire.
  • Drinking all of the cocktails and dancing the night away with my lovely friend.

  • Spending time with Bailey and getting some extra exercise into my life!
  • Buying pretty flowers for the house and feeling like Spring might actually be on its way.
  • Visiting some old friends in London for the day, and wandering around Shoreditch for the first time.
  • Spending time with the cutest cats ever at the London Cat Village and wanting all of the cats!
  • Still reading my book - Follow you home. Yep, I'm truly the slowest ready ever.
  • Treating myself to some new bits from Clinique, and realising I have lots of boots points to buy something nice with! Happy Days :)

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