50 ways to treat yourself


One of my plans for 2016, is to treat myself more - and I'm not aloud to feel guilty.

Whether you give yourself little treats every day, have a bigger treat at the end of every week, or go all out once a month and have a whole me day, its always a good idea.

  • Have a lye in. Sleep until your ready to wake up.
  • Make your favourite breakfast and eat it in bed.
  • Have a nice hot shower.
  • Wear your favourite outfit. Dont worry about being overdressed.
  • Buy yourself a new perfume, that you have never owned before. 
  • Get your eyebrows done, I love this one.
  • Get a haircut, maybe even get some colour!
  • Meditate. Take 10 minutes out for yourself. Try headspace.com for inspiration.
  • Read a book, or if you don't have one, treat yourself to a new one, a real paper one.
  • Have a no Facebook day once a week.

  • Cook your favourite meal, or visit your favourite restaurant.
  • Treat yourself to some new bubblebath/shower gel or bath bomb and have a long hot soak.
  • Put a hair mask on, or a hair oil.
  • Put a face mask on, go and buy a new one.
  • Exfoliate your whole body
  • Moisturise your whole body
  • Give yourself a pedicure
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Watch your favourite film, or go to the cinema.
  • Go for a long walk, try and take at least 10,000 steps.

  • Play your favourite music, buy a new mixtape and dance around the house.
  • Buy yourself a new item of clothing from your favourite shop.
  • Buy some new flowers and put them somewhere you will see them every day.
  • Go for a run/go for an exercise class/do some yoga.
  • Have a glass of your favourite wine, or make yourself your favourite cocktail.
  • Make yourself a hot chocolate with all the toppings, cream, marshmallow, chocolate sprinkles.
  • Buy some of your favourite chocolate.
  • Have a clear ourt tidy house, tidy mind!
  • Catch up on your favourite Netflix programme.
  • Buy yourself some new PJ's and fluffy socks.

    • Buy yourself a new set of underwear.
    • Make a super healthy smoothie.
    • If its nice outside go for a picnic in the park.
    • Write down something that you are grateful for everyday.
    • Go to the butchers and get the best cut of steak.
    • Put fresh bedsheets on and spray your bed/pillow with a relaxing spritzer.
    • Spend some time with your pet, playing or cuddling.
    • Book a day off of work to have for yourself.
    • Buy a new candle that smells amazing.
    • Study something new, start a home learning course or take part in night school.

      • Learn a new language.
      • Buy your favourite tub of Ben & Jerry's.
      • Cook a new meal that you have never tried before.
      • Make a yummy hearty soup, and make extra for your work lunches.
      • Buy some new makeup from a counter.
      • Volunteer yourself to a pet shelter.
      • Drive to the beach, even if you go alone, walk in the sand and eat ice cream.
      • Go to a museum.
      • Book a holiday, or a long weekend away.
      • Melted cheese is always a good idea.

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