11 Things You Learn After Getting a Cat


Your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter will be full of pictures of your cat. Why is my friend count dropping suddenly?

You will start to believe in ghosts. Why the hell is my cat staring at the dark corner of the room like that?  

You will spend lots of money on toys, but a box is the most amazing thing on earth. 
You will still continue to buy toys.

Unless there is a laptop open or paper on the table, then your cat must instantly sit on it.

You learn not to let any of your body hang out of the bed uncovered, unless you want it to be clawed to death. Please leave me alone, I just want to sleep.

You can't bath alone anymore.

You will think that you cat is plotting to kill you.

Your cat knows when you are going on holiday, and will imminently want to come with you/sit in your suitcase/cover your clothes that you have laid out ready in furr.

Daily chores like washing up and ironing, will be watched with great detail. Seriously, why I'm just ironing, why are you so interested? 

Sometimes your cat will disappear for long periods of time and you will think you may have accidentally put it in the washing machine, only to find it at the back of your wardrobe

You can't have anything out on the side table/worktop/coffee table. It will inevitably be pushed off. Wait, what, you didn't want your cup on the floor?

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