La Semaine - 9


Hello All

It's been a busy week and a half since my last La Semaine :)

You won't be surprised to hear that I have been studying a lot. I'm still about a month behind schedule, and just had my mock test marked up and I didn't do that great. But hey ho, at least thats what mocks are for right? I have a lot of revision to do before I sit my first real exam so if I wasnt worried about it then I am now!

I found this quote on Instagram and I thought it was quite fitting to my studies. I just have to stay upbeat and motivated and I know that I have got this!

I've been trying to take some of my own advise and have been treating myself a lot more. This doesn't necessary meant spending money, it's the little things and the free things that mean the most I think, and these are the treats the make you feel the best and last the longest. A face mask and some fresh fruit might not sound like a lot, but it definatly makes me feel a whole lot better in myself.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, I'm really loving my colourful bath bombs from Lush. I also got some amazing in shower body cream for Christmas which SMELLS SO GOOD. 

The weather seems to have gotten much colder over the last week, which has really put my off going out running! :( But I found this great website called Borrow my doggie, I signed up last week and I have already made friends with a cute Beagle called Bailey and his owner. We took him out for a lovely long walk today, it was great! You literally borrow other peoples dogs and then give them back after! 

Yes, I am scheduled for a haircut..

Of course, La Semaine wouldn't be complete without an evening with some Hot Chocolate in the mix. My sister and I headed to our favourite people watching spot and *might* have booked ourselves a little weekend break to Amsterdam. I am SO excited. I have never been before and I have stuffed our itinerary full of Shopping, Cocktails and Museums and I'm so ready for a little break with my little sis. I'll be posting all about it in my travel diarys too.

As always, I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes of the week. - Bye for now! :) X

50 ways to treat yourself


One of my plans for 2016, is to treat myself more - and I'm not aloud to feel guilty.

Whether you give yourself little treats every day, have a bigger treat at the end of every week, or go all out once a month and have a whole me day, its always a good idea.

  • Have a lye in. Sleep until your ready to wake up.
  • Make your favourite breakfast and eat it in bed.
  • Have a nice hot shower.
  • Wear your favourite outfit. Dont worry about being overdressed.
  • Buy yourself a new perfume, that you have never owned before. 
  • Get your eyebrows done, I love this one.
  • Get a haircut, maybe even get some colour!
  • Meditate. Take 10 minutes out for yourself. Try for inspiration.
  • Read a book, or if you don't have one, treat yourself to a new one, a real paper one.
  • Have a no Facebook day once a week.

  • Cook your favourite meal, or visit your favourite restaurant.
  • Treat yourself to some new bubblebath/shower gel or bath bomb and have a long hot soak.
  • Put a hair mask on, or a hair oil.
  • Put a face mask on, go and buy a new one.
  • Exfoliate your whole body
  • Moisturise your whole body
  • Give yourself a pedicure
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Watch your favourite film, or go to the cinema.
  • Go for a long walk, try and take at least 10,000 steps.

  • Play your favourite music, buy a new mixtape and dance around the house.
  • Buy yourself a new item of clothing from your favourite shop.
  • Buy some new flowers and put them somewhere you will see them every day.
  • Go for a run/go for an exercise class/do some yoga.
  • Have a glass of your favourite wine, or make yourself your favourite cocktail.
  • Make yourself a hot chocolate with all the toppings, cream, marshmallow, chocolate sprinkles.
  • Buy some of your favourite chocolate.
  • Have a clear ourt tidy house, tidy mind!
  • Catch up on your favourite Netflix programme.
  • Buy yourself some new PJ's and fluffy socks.

    • Buy yourself a new set of underwear.
    • Make a super healthy smoothie.
    • If its nice outside go for a picnic in the park.
    • Write down something that you are grateful for everyday.
    • Go to the butchers and get the best cut of steak.
    • Put fresh bedsheets on and spray your bed/pillow with a relaxing spritzer.
    • Spend some time with your pet, playing or cuddling.
    • Book a day off of work to have for yourself.
    • Buy a new candle that smells amazing.
    • Study something new, start a home learning course or take part in night school.

      • Learn a new language.
      • Buy your favourite tub of Ben & Jerry's.
      • Cook a new meal that you have never tried before.
      • Make a yummy hearty soup, and make extra for your work lunches.
      • Buy some new makeup from a counter.
      • Volunteer yourself to a pet shelter.
      • Drive to the beach, even if you go alone, walk in the sand and eat ice cream.
      • Go to a museum.
      • Book a holiday, or a long weekend away.
      • Melted cheese is always a good idea.

        Hearts I heart

        In 35 days time we are having a new kitchen fitted and I am beyond excited. 

        It got me thinking about new things for the kitchen that I love.

        Budget; £100
        Theme; Hearts


        Le Creuset Heart Shape Ramekins Set Of 2 £30

         Yankee Candle Sentiments You Are In My Heart £15


        11 Things You Learn After Getting a Cat

        Your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter will be full of pictures of your cat. Why is my friend count dropping suddenly?

        You will start to believe in ghosts. Why the hell is my cat staring at the dark corner of the room like that?  

        You will spend lots of money on toys, but a box is the most amazing thing on earth. 
        You will still continue to buy toys.

        Unless there is a laptop open or paper on the table, then your cat must instantly sit on it.

        You learn not to let any of your body hang out of the bed uncovered, unless you want it to be clawed to death. Please leave me alone, I just want to sleep.

        You can't bath alone anymore.

        You will think that you cat is plotting to kill you.

        Your cat knows when you are going on holiday, and will imminently want to come with you/sit in your suitcase/cover your clothes that you have laid out ready in furr.

        Daily chores like washing up and ironing, will be watched with great detail. Seriously, why I'm just ironing, why are you so interested? 

        Sometimes your cat will disappear for long periods of time and you will think you may have accidentally put it in the washing machine, only to find it at the back of your wardrobe

        You can't have anything out on the side table/worktop/coffee table. It will inevitably be pushed off. Wait, what, you didn't want your cup on the floor?

        La Semaine - 8


        I can't believe I haven't done a La Semaine since November last year! It's been so long! I've been so busy, but really wanted to put a post up as I have really missed blogging;

        So whats been going on?

        I've been drinking lots of hot chocolate. And eating lots of new foods, we are back on Hello Fresh for this week and I've been posting up pics of our dinners all this week over on my Instagram. I love the variety, and we eat things we wouldn't normally eat! On New Years Eve we picked up and Marks and Spencer meal deal and had the best starter! A cheese and salmon pearl on a shell, it was so good!
        Will cooked us a lovely duck for dinner on Boxing day, which is something we normally only eat when we go out so that was a really nice treat.

        I have been doing a little bit of shopping, Will and I finally got around to replacing our really old mattress, and its being delivered next month, I am so excited, I can't wait to sleep in my comfy new bed!

        Other than that I have spent most of my spare time studying for my AAT. Because of our holiday and Christmas I have fallen behind on my learning plan, which is a little annoying, but I am slowly catching up and will no doubt be doing my first exam soon, which I'm really nervous about!

        I have also been trying to catch up on Pretty Little Liars, especially as it's back on the TV again now and its all over social media so it's really hard to not see it! Im in the middle of Season 3 and so I still don't know who is wearing the red coat! 

        I have also been thinking up a few goals for February, which I really hope I can stick to;

        • Finish my book - I have started reading Follow You Home, and its really gripping! It's not even got into the main part yet, but I love it because the chapters are really short and so I find it easy to read and feel like I am actually getting somewhere!
        • Walk 10,000 steps a day. I have been quite bad with my exercise lately. It's really cold outside, so I have been focusing more on working out indoors with my kettle bell. I did 15 minutes the other day and I'm still aching 2 days later! I'm having a couple of days break as I had my first ever blood test the other day and my arm is still a little sore. I'm obviously feeling sorry for myself, but I'm so bloody proud of myself. Im so anxious of the doctors and so to go on my own and have bloods is something I never ever thought I could do. I was shaking so bad! I get my results back tomorrow so fingers crossed its all ok :)
        • Eat less chocolate, we have nearly finished up all the Christmas chocolate so this should be achievable!
        • Catch up with my studies
        • Get up to date on Pretty Little Liars.

        I'm off to have a bubble bath now, cheereo :)