Life lately and goals for 2016


I hope everyone has had the best Christmas spent with Family and friends and are enjoying some well deserved time away from work!

I haven't posted since I got back from Iceland and put my travel diary up, but I have been really busy with Christmas and just generally watching Netflix that I haven't blogged, I also deleted a lot of my photos so couldn't post a La Semaine for a few weeks!

That aside, I have am currently having a lovely break, although I am spending my time trying to catch up on my studies that I fell behind on due to our holiday!

I made the my first home made Christmas wreath and its sitting proudly on our front door, it was so easy and I'm so lucky to have a cousin who is the most amazing florist ever!

I got some of the cutest and comfiest slippers for Christmas from my sister so I've pretty much been living in them with my new mug, and of course lots of hot chocolate.

As it is New Years Eve tomorrow and every one is busy making their own new years resolutions, I thought I would put pen to paper and make a few of my own. I'm pretty relaxed when it come to resolutions, I just like to have them as a guid for something to aim for over the new 12 months!

  • Be more organised. I'd like to think that I am quite organised in my day to day life, but I think we all could be a little better. My worst fault is not organising the weekly food shop on time, something that I was a lot better at when I first moved out! 
  • Be more productive. I write a lot of lists and to do's, but then tend to look at them and not get them done! This year I want to actually get things done on my lists. Even if its a silly thing like putting a wash on, having an empty washing basket is one of the best feelings!
  • Complete my AAT studies. I'm pretty sure that I will do this, I have a target set for June and if I catch up I should get back on track. Lucky I have a few days off this week so trying to do just that. I know it will all be worth it!
  • Exercise more. I do run now and then, but want to keep it up this year and not run for 2 weeks then take 2 weeks off etc! I got the Garmin Forerunner 10 (In pink - Of course) from my husband for Christmas, and I have used it once, I want to make my running a bit quicker, I'm so slow at the moment! 
  • Travel to somewhere that I have never been. We saving up for a little holiday to Santorini and I'm really excited about it. Having had 2 snow holidays this year i'm ready for a week or so with some sun and cocktails.
  • Pay off my debts and save some money. I have rounded up my debts and a small savings target and divided them by 12. This way I spread them out over the year and leave myself a little bit to enjoy myself with.
  • Read more. I've finally finished The C Word - and while it wasn't as good as I thought it was still a nice read to get me into reading. I have just bought Follow you Home, which I'm just getting into and I really hope to finish this is a week! My Kindle app tells you how long each book will take to read when you first start, and apparently this will take me 6 hours, so fingers crossed!

I hope that I can stick to them and I'm really excited to what 2016 will bring!


  1. This is lovely! Glad your having a nice Christmas break. Think I'm going to copy your "be more productive" resolution as I'm just the same, I have a giant chalk board I write on, and post it notes everywhere, need to tick some off 😉

  2. Thanks Sarah Its been great I hope you Christmas is goo too! The chalkboard sounds like a great idea! :-) XX