Bath Christmas Markets 2015


Christmas tastes of wine that’s mulled
As I sip it, dreams unfold,
Of Christmas past and Christmas present,
The thoughts it brings are only pleasant,
Time with friends and family too.
Happy times with the chosen few,
With whom I’ve shared my Christmas times,
Are brought to mind as I sip mulled wine.

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La Semaine - 7

This week has mainly involved food, and Snowy cat.

The weather has gotten so so cold almost overnight and I picked up some super comfy new mittens. Coincidently, fitting for my impending trip to Iceland in T minus 2 weeks. Excited. My first holiday since I started Snowy Autumn and I can't wait to share my little experience!

I've run out of my favourite Whittard's hot chocolate so I've been going out for them, which is nice because I've been spending lots of lovely time with my sister. Costa is still my favourite!

I've been pretty busy studying for the past few weeks, and I have lots more to do! So when I'm not studying I've been getting back into colouring. I still don't know when I may actually finish one whole page though..

La Semaine - 6


 9 Days since my last blog post and 9 days since my last La Semaine!

I've had such a lovely week this week. I bought my xmas jumper for the year! I love xmas jumpers and Sainsburys always do the best ones and are such good value for money! I also have had lots of yummy food out this month and plant to have lots more next month. But I'm also trying to keep on top of my running, its dark and cold but defiantly worth it and I always feel better afterwards! 

I've also taken a massive step in my life and enrolled on my AAT. It's something that I have wanted to do for about the last 5 years, but had not got around to it for various reasons. So I thought I just have to do it! I'm so excited for the future and what doors it will open for me! Here's to lots of evenings in studying!

I've been loving the darker evenings, I've been having bubbles baths and snuggling on the sofa. I'm STILL watching PLL, and I'm STILL on Season 2! I'm getting there though!

November also happened, so I'm getting on top of my Christmas shopping early this year! My plan is to be organised and not get caught up in the rush like last year. I'm nearly there to be honest!