October / November Goals


I can't believe its time to catch up on my October goals already!
  • Try and get to bed by 10pm each night, and read for half an hour each night. I'm currently reading this - Massive fail!
  • Finish said book. I have been reading this book for months and months and I really think its about time that I finished it, so this is a great opportunity to put my plans into practice. - Again another massive fail! I think I ready about 2 chapters!
  • Buy fresh flowers for the house once a week. It's surprising how having flowers in the house can change the feel and mood. - Bought none! Not doing very well here. I did however get this lovely bunch of flowers for my birthday :)

  • Cleanse my face property - every night, no more micellar water cleanses! - I have got so much better at this, I got this for my birthday and its so nice! I also also started using Liz Earle again and its been so good for my skin :)

  • Get up 6, or as close to. I always seem to be rushing around in the morning. I would love to walk 1 mile everyday before work, but the mornings are so dark at the moment that I'm not going to add this one in just yet. - Nope. Why do I snooze my alarm in my sleep!
  • Walk at least 2 miles per day. More if I can, but a minimum of 2. - I've been so much more active, and I've started running twice a week with my sister. But It hasn't been 2 miles per day, oops.
  • Participate in 4 park runs. Hopefully I should be able to do this one! - I think i took part in about 2? We had some kitchen appointments to go to for 2 of the park runs so I'm letting myself off this one!
  • Organise my computer. There are pictures and folders all over my desktop and I haven't sorted it out in so long. I'm using this awesome post by Kate La Vie. - Yes I did this one! Although, it's getting a bit messy again...
  • Try and mix up my makeup a bit. I tend to keep my makeup the same everyday, and sometimes I am a bit worried of changing it. I have a wedding coming up in October and I really want to use the opportunity to try something new, like a lipstick, or winged liner! - Ive started wearing red lipstick more, only when I go out somewhere nice though, next stop winged eyeliner ;)
  • Invest in a new camera and take some autumn walks. I have a really lovely arboretum near me and I really don't visit it enough, its so beautiful. Id love to just go walking more with my camera! - This was probably the first thing I did. I love my new camera and have been on a few outings to test it out.
  • Take the time to paint my nails. I haven't done this for so long and really want to do it more again. - I think that I painted them once, does that count?!
  • Carve a pumpkin for Halloween, and try and get Will to join in. Just for fun! - Hmm, plans for today!
  • Try a new recipe, maybe a new soup.- Yes! My Spicy bean stew - yummy :)

November Goals

  • Finish my book! I've got a lot of books lined up that I want to read so I really want to do this one.
  • Go to bed earlier. I'm not setting a time for this one, that way it's not so easy to fail.
  • Buy more flowers. I got such a lovely vase for my birthday, I want to make more use of it :)
  • Get up when my alarm goes off!
  • Take part in 3 park runs and 1 race. Fingers crossed.
  • Try winged eyeliner.
  • Take some festive pictures. I'm going to visit the Bath Christmas market again this year - so want to take some pics here! (And drink mulled wine of course)
  • Paint my nails at least once a week. (Note to self - Must invest in a top coat!)
  • Get a haircut. Doh never do this!
  • Try a new recipe. 


  1. Love that you've done an update on how you get on, such a good idea! It's always so hard to stick to new goals! I'm trying to get myself back into good lifestyle habits and its so hard! xx

    1. Thanks for the comment :) It is hard, and doing tis has made me realise how bad I was at sticking to my goals this month lol! Fingers crossed next month will be better! :) xx