Lush Christmas Collection - My Top Picks


I'm so excited that Lush have released their Christmas collection. I love a good face mask  and this one sounds amazing, with a blend of argan oils and rose clays, perfect for oily skin like mine. 

I usually have a small stash of Lush products in my bathroom around December time making it smell amazing! Spicy clove and Shea butter are some of the ingredients in this bath bomb. Moisturising and creamy. 

I do really miss their Glogg shower gel - It's so good, like mulled wine and christmas in a bottle! The vanilla and lemon on this bath bomb will leave you feeling clean and fresh, it also has antiseptic properties.

These are my top pics from the collection, this Rose Jam shower Gel contains argan oil, so will leave your skin soft and smooth and with Berry juice and vanilla sounds like it will smell delicious! X

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