La Semaine - 5


So I haven't posted a La Semaine in so long, I thought now was about time! Ive been up to some great things in the last few weeks, and at the moment I am just chilling out, catching up on some PLL (only on Series 2 so have some major sofa time to do!) Ive also spent some time outdoors embracing the pretty colours and colder weather! 

I went for a little walk with my sister, which I did a post on here. It got dark very quickly and suddenly we found ourselves looking over the twinkling lights of Wiltshire and trying to take pictures of the moon. I'm still learning how to use my new camera, so its nice to have new settings to experiment with.

I also ran a timed race the other weekend an scored a PB which I am so so happy about. It was really hard and I always get so nervous before a race! After the race we got given a little book and I found this spicy bean stew recipe in, which was so good! (well I though so anyway!)

Other that that I have just been chilling at home in my awesome new slippers (massive love T K Maxx!) and getting used to wearing bolder lipstick! X

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