La Semaine - 3


I can't believe I missed last weeks La Semaine, but to be quite honest, it was a pretty quiet week! It has been pretty quiet again this week too, but I have some nice plans for the up coming weeks, with a wedding and my 29th birthday! I'm sad about getting a little older, but happy for the adventures and new things that a new year will bring for me :)

This week is pretty cat heavy! Snowy has been everywhere I go most of the time, and I love the company she gives. Except when I'm working from home and she chews my laptop charging cable, monkey!

Bathtime Companion

If I fits I sits

My beautiful PA

I've been pretty ill for the past few days and I've been trying really hard to not take any medication or paracetamol. Because, I want to be able to let my body just get over it but today I caved in and had to take some Calpol. I don't care if that makes me a kid, I just LOVE this stuff!

In other news my eyebrows were due a date with the eyebrow doctor aka my beautiful sister and as she just completed her HD Brows course on the Monday on the Wednesday I was in the chair being wax and threaded and tinted. So relaxing! If you need your brows doing you have to go to Escape Salons and see Romy! X

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