My Favourite Autumn Perfumes


I love autumn scents, musky and spicy and warm. I don't rotate too many perfumes at one time as I believe they don't smell as good if you keep them too long. I don't ever keep a perfume for 'best' I use all my perfumes everyday! These aren't my top 3 all time perfumes but these are are my top 3 Autumn scents that I am wearing at the moment;

I love this perfume. I have been wearing it now and then for years and years. It's warm and cosy and homely and reminds me of friends and comfort.

I first wore this perfume 10 years ago. It reminds me of family and my husband and my little sister in braces. It's weird what a perfume can do to you.

This was a limited edition that I picked up from the airport of our return journey from Cote D'Azur. It lingers on the end of summer and slightly into Autumn. It's rich but light at the same time and I love it. X

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