My 5 year life plan


I've never really had a plan for life, it has just sort of slotted together. I went to college, met Will, went to University, got a job, bought a house, found Snowy and got married. I always thought that my life was complete and I didn't need to plan or evaluate it in any way! But, after being inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Nicki, I have decided that a 5 year plan is exactly what I need. And what better time to start my plan, with my blog just starting up and my 29th birthday just on the horizon, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to really sit down and think about what more I want from my life;

I've broken this down into 5 categories. Obviously this would be different for everyone, but these work perfect for me.


I already own my own house and got married last year and don't have any debts to pay off, so I don't really have any massive saving goals. It can get quite hard to save generally when you don't really know why you are saving. I save for things like holidays but I've decided to set myself a goal over the next 5 years to save up enough money to put down a deposit on a second house to rent out. I may well change my mind when I reach the end of the 5 years but I have always wanted to be a landlord!


It's been just over 2 weeks since I started up my blog and I love it so much. I have already put so much time and effort into it and I'm really looking forward to watching it grow and seeing where it takes me. I plan to just post more and try and put myself and my blog out there, hopefully I will make some new friends and take some experiences from it!

Health and Fitness

I'm pretty good at staying fit, I run in the park run now and sometimes go out for a run on my own. It's always harder to run alone and I'm so glad my husband runs the park run with me too. It's really hard with the colder and darker nights setting in now, I just want to curl up with a hot chocolate and watch Netflix all night! I don't tend to watch much TV as I always seem to be doing bits around the house, or reading other peoples blogs. Over the next 5 years I plan just try and stay as active as I can. I don't have any want for a super toned body, but maybe take part in a few more sports events. I have the glow run coming up and I'm really excited for that!


Traveling is one of my favourite things to do. Other than my home its what I spend most of my savings on. I have been to some lovely places, but there are a few on my list that I would love to get done by the end of the 5 years. In no particular order these are;


I can't wait to see what adventures I have been on at the end of this!


Generally I just want to become more confident so that I can meet new people. I'm hoping that my blog will help me be able to do that one day. Starting a blog is a daunting prospect and it's always a bit scary opening yourself up. People that I don't know I'm ok with, but my friends and family I'm hoping they like it! I also want to learn more skills. I have a plan in my current job that will start to take me in the direction that I want to go with my career, but outside of work I'd love to get more involved with photography. Lucky my husband is a photographer and I have never asked him for much advice before, but I'm hoping to get a nice camera so that I can stop using my phone for taking blog pictures, thats the plan!

If you are looking for a really inspirational blog to get soaked into, be sure to go and check out Taking the Nicki, she has some really good thought-provoking, motivational posts X


  1. Hi Pearl - this is such a good 5yr plan! Sounds like you've already got a pretty good set up, but great your building on that! Can't believe you only started your blog two weeks ago, you've already written so much content - I love it!

    Glad you were inspired to start a blog - it is daunting but it's totally worth it, and you grow in confidence the more you do. I can't wait to read more! xxx

    1. Thank you so much your comment means a lot :-D I'm having so much fun with my blog at the moment and I'm always thinking of new ideas of what new posts to put up! I hope it stays up its a great hobby, I just wish I was better at using things like html! Lol I bought a domain of go daddy but trying to figure it all out still! It's a great learning curve :-) XX